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ECS Europe certification service is Notified Body no. 1793 and Accredia (Italian Accreditation body - Signatory of EA, IAF and ILAC mutual recognition agreements) accredited Certification no. 126B.

ECS Srl supply, experience, proven methods and excellent professionals in each sector of competence:

•   Certification lifts
•   Inspection lfts, elevator, lifting equipments, pressure vessels

We provide our experience and commitment for strategic support to public and private organizations, we seek to reach the highest levels of quality, efficiency, we want to guarantee the safety of our client’s equipments.

As third-party, independent company, we deliver our services in full compliance with the principles of professional ethics, transparency, confidentiality and social accountability.

We are ever ready with the third party Inspection and Certification.

Our Values

Rigor and Respect for the Common Rules, regulations and provisions established, to guarantee our image, our reputation and the quality of our service, otherwise the best protection of our clients.

We consider the aspects of, Health and Safety as priority.

ECS operates in a climate of close collaboration with its partner organizations, to support them on their pathway towards improving performance.

The aim of the certification, inspection services that we provide through our highly qualified staff and in full compliance with transparency and confidentiality is to assess and support the quality and safety of products.

Our added value is the creation of a trusting relationship with our client, with whom we build a pathway based on shared goals, aware of the contribution that we can jointly make to innovation and to sustainable growth of the market.